How long does it take to tint my car?

The average car takes approximately 1-2 hours.

What if I have old film already on my car?

We remove the old film and if required can install new film.  Our standard cost to remove old film if new film is also being installed, is $50.00.

Can you come to me?

Yes, we can tint your car if you have a garage, if not you can come to our premises at 10 Lucas Road, Burwood (behind Steve Jarvin Motors).

How do I look after the film once it’s installed?

Automotive film, although extremely durable, is not hardened as is glass, therefore care should be exercised in the materials used for cleaning.

Do not clean inside the glass with water used for exterior cleaning as grit on cleaning material will scratch and deteriorate the film.

Window cleaning preparations usually contain ammonia, which adversley affects the adhesive in the film.

The following cannot be used: hard brushes, scrapers, abrasive cleaners, ammonia based cleaners, gummed stickers, decals, etc.

Remember Solartint is the same material used in plastic sunglass lenses and with a little extra care to protect your Solartint you can expect many years of satisfactory performance.

Do not wind the windows down for 48 hours and in the event of damp weather do not wind down the windows for at least 72 hours.

Do not wash windows for 10 days after installation.

What if I find bubbles in the film after installation?

While the film is drying it may have a hazy or cloudy appearance and some films may have pooling of water requiring a longer drying period in cooler weather.  When dry, the film will appear optically clear.

If I decide to get my windows tinted, how long will it be before you can do it?

Usually the next day and sometimes we can get there the same day, depending on our work load.