Need Detailing or Interior Protection?


Solartint Sydney Inner West offers some great detailing options for your car. We treat your car with the utmost care and work hard to give you the cleanest, shiniest finish inside and out.

As well as cleaning and polishing we can apply interior protection to prevent fading and cracking to dashboards and leather finishes as well as protection to stop staining to your upholstery.

Upholstery Protection

Protects the surface from staining and makes cleaning easy. The car upholstery protection is applied with a spray dispenser and is solvent based for quick drying. It bonds into the fabric, not just settling on surface. We’ve been using it since 2000.

Leather and Vinyl Protection

Our interior leather and vinyl protection guards the surface from staining and keeps it soft—preventing cracks and separation. Our leather and vinyl protection makes cleaning easy. It’s a creamy product, which is hand applied and buffed off with a micro fibre cloth. The product deeply penetrates the leather and vinyl; cleaning and sealing simultaneously. The balance of the product ,which comes in a 355 ml bottle, is returned to you, our valued customer.

Electronic Rust Protection

Protect your vehicle against corrosion. Unlike conventional rust proofing , it is not sprayed on, and covers all panels including double insulated panels. It comes with a no-nonsense, written warranty.

Your car will look it’s best and smell it too! We use Glare products, the highest quality you can get.

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