Car Paint Protection Sydney – Most Cars Priced From $550.00

Solartint Sydney Inner West  offers paint protection for your car.  Our paint protection service leaves your car shinier and helps protect your paint from fading and staining.  Choose from our premium-quality Glare products which have been developed by Infinity Auto Protection or our new technologically advanced Solartint Autoshield Pack that comes with window tinting for $895.00 (GST inclusive).

Infinity Auto Protection and Solartint’s Autoshield Pack car paint protection allows you to protect your vehicle’s immaculate finish against harmful environmental pollutants, including:

  • UV Rays
  • Bird Droppings
  • Tree Sap
  • Road Dirt and Grime
  • Acid Rain
  • Detergents
  • Silicone Spray

Our auto paint protection provides a mirror-finish, protective coating, which allows the paint surface to remain natural and flex with temperature changes. CALL NOW to book in 9565 2311.

The Infinity paint protection does NOT contain:

  • Wax
  • Silicone
  • Teflon
  • Polymers

The auto Paint Protection product is made from Glassplexin – Liquid Glass, that adheres to the paint and provides a chemical bond. It will not wash off, crack or peel and will continue to perform it’s function for a guaranteed 5 year period or lifetime under a maintenance plan.

Infinity car paint protection provides the following benefits:

  • Protects & Enhances New Car Shin
  • Makes Washing Easy
  • Eliminates Waxing & Polishing
  • Preserves Resale Value of New Car
  • Increases Resale Value of Used Car
  • More accurate colour matching for touch ups and panel work

So what’s the difference between the two different paint protection services we offer?

Glare Protection Plus with Five year warranty

This requires a 4 stage process. We use a product manufactured for new car paints, for Australian conditions. The Glare Infinity Plus is both hand or machine applied. It works best for new, undamaged paint, and is easy to use.

  1. When applied professionally, the car is de-waxed (remove all transport wax still stuck to the paint surface). The surface is then clay blocked to remove all the industrial fallout from the time the car left the factory, stood at the holding yard and was transported by rail or ship. Once these processes are complete, the car immediately looks better than the day you picked it up from the dealership. This also reveals the raw and true color of the paint. The above step takes up to 3 hours on a small car as the windows and headlamps need to be clay blocked as well to prevent dirt and wax contaminating the cloths and pads and causing swirl marks further along the process.
  2. At this stage, the car is ready for the pre-prep. In our case, we use the Glare Micro Pre-cleaner. This is applied on all the painted surfaces and will allow us to inspect the car for any defects.
  3. Assuming there were no defects, the first layer of Paint sealant is applied, in our case, Glare Infinity Plus, to the entire car, panel by panel, and buffed off. It is also applied to all exterior windows and wheel rims, including Perspex shields and covers. On completion, the car should look like the completed project and will now be ready for the final seal coat, which simply locks in an additional layer of sealant on all the painted surfaces.
  4. Once the final seal coat has cured (45 min) the exterior, unpainted plastics and rubbers, door jambs, door rubbers, tyres & engine bay are treated.

We provide a full after-care kit containing:

  • Glassplexin Ultra Wash
  • Washing sponge
  • Drying chamois

All of the above takes up to 6 hours on a new small car.

A used car will follow the same procedure for paint protection, with an additional cost for rectifying the paint and defects prior to paint sealant application, and an additional cost starting from $100 and varying /increasing according to the condition of the car.

The final seal coat is also a different product (black label) and is machine applied for better bond.

We use the Glare Hurricane orbital buffer for paint rectification and a Random Orbital polisher for the first coat of Paint Sealant.

Glare Advance ten year (lifetime) warranty

The Glare Advanced Paint Protection sealant is twice as thick and contains more active ingredient than the Glare Infinity Plus. As with the procedure for five year protection, two coats of Glare Advanced is applied, added to the procedures listed above are two additional ones:

  1. Glare Zero (deep cleans paint pores) followed by,
  2. Glare Knockout ( a thick paste that removes imperfections and penetrates deep into paint pores forming a very thick base for the Glare micro pre-cleaner to bond to.

The complete Glare Advanced procedure allows for a layer two times as thick as the Infinity Plus, hence the extended warranty, as the higher surface tension reduces the need for frequent top-ups or paint contamination.

In addition to the service, you get a more comprehensive washing kit which includes:

  • Larger Glare ultra wash
  • Larger drying chamois
  • Two washing sponges and
  • A full Glare Sahara Wash and Detail kit. It’s a liquid solution for quick surface scratches and emergency cleaning without water, or a simple detail.

All of this is an addition cost of $150, which is far outweighed by the additional steps and aftercare goods supplied. It is also more favorable to the newer paints and darker colours or used paintwork.

It was manufactured and introduced in 2006 to combat the growing problems with the new hard and ceramic clears (which, by the way, have bigger paint pores, hence the rough orange-peel look. This orange-peel look is reduced significantly by the glare zero/knockout procedure).

Whatever your needs, whatever you drive, feel free to contact Solartint Sydney. We are passionate about protecting your car and making it shine.

Please call for a quote as our prices are based on size and condition of the car.

A new car is one you have just bought, with no paint damage and not a demonstrator.

A used car, as long as it still has paint on it, can be revived, protected, and a warranty issued, depending on the condition, which will be established upon arrival and inspection. Defects can be noted and excluded on the warranty, but the good surfaces are covered by warranty.

Upon our inspection, you will be advised on the best solution for your car.

Call us for a quote today on 0411836522.