Anti-graffiti window film

When factoring in the lost opportunity costs, annual losses resulting from this type of crime are in the billions worldwide.

Unlike many other forms of crime, vandalism is a viral activity.  Simply, vandalism begets more vandalism.  Because competition among vandals leads to escalation of damages, it is crucial for transit officials to remove the graffiti immediately.

If subway “artists” strike with paint or markers, swift remediation is realistic.  However, etching and scratching cause permanent damage – after all, no solvent can remove the marks left by keys or blades.  The longer etchings remain, the more they invite others to leave telltales of their own.

Cost effective protection against graffiti

The ideal solution to transit industry vandalism is one that allows maintenance staff to purge etching swiftly and easily – before the graffiti has a chance to attract other vandals.  The ideal solution is Solartint’s Graffiti-Free security window film.

Based on the same science behind the blast mitigation window films that safeguard the world’s most high profile government buildings, Graffiti-Free is a rugged, multi-ply film designed to protect glass and polycarbonates from a variety of abuses.  The material is currently being used by transit systems around the world to reduce labour and and materials costs resulting from malicious or incidental glass damage.

The crystal clear film acts as a sacrificial layer between the glass and vandal’s instrument.  After the material has suffered a trauma, Solartint Sydney’s staff can remove the and replace the film.  The entire replacement process takes as little as five minutes and at a cost far below replacing premium glass.

Additional Benefits

Beyond allowing transit systems to repair defaced glass quickly and inexpensively, solartint’s Graffiti-Free window films provide a host of additional benefits.

Specifically, the solution:

    • Improves passenger safety by binding dangerous glass shards together should a window shatter;


    • Increases durability of glass by preventing the window itself from being damaged, it stops the underlying surface from being defaced;


    • Protects without obscuring glass clarity, no darkening or mirroring effect;


  • Simplifies maintenance – cleans with soap and water and other ordinary commercial cleaners.